Michael is a partner at Blue Heron Asset Management and serves a key role in the investment, asset management, and development activities of the firm. Responsibilities include acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, financial analysis, market analysis and real estate development management.

Since joining Blue Heron in 2012, early in the life of Blue Heron’s first fund, Michael has led processes for the acquisition and disposition of interest in properties with aggregate values of more than $170M. Michael has been involved in the underwriting and evaluation of more than 125 investment and/or development opportunities totaling more than $500M in potential capital investment, and has led the asset management for all Blue Heron’s multifamily properties; overseeing and/or analyzing the financial and operational performance of more than 1,250 units across six properties with aggregate values of more than $225M.

Michael received a BA in Economics from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA from the University of South Carolina.