The Wall Street Journal Magazine proclaimed Germantown to be Nashville's "newest destination neighborhood" in an article that published Wednesday.

"The cool commotion is coming from the district just north [of downtown] known as Germantown. ... Considering its history as Nashville’s first suburb, the 18-square-block neighborhood feels refreshingly current," says the article, which was written by travel freelancer Sara Lieberman.

Lieberman praises restaurants Butchertown Hall, Rolf and Daughters and 5th & Taylor. She also highlights Steadfast Coffee, Barista Parlor and leather retailer Peter Nappi.

The article in the prominent national newspaper further cements Germantown's status as one of the city's hottest neighborhoods. The neighborhood's cachet only stands to grow as it is set to gain Henrietta Red, a Maneet Chauhan-backed concept and three restaurants from noted Atlanta chef Ford Fry.

Source: Nashville Business Journal and Wall Street Journal

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