In 2002, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill issued a Request for Proposal to construct 300 married/family student apartments on campus. In response to this request, The Ron Strom Company, with Ron Strom as principal, submitted an atypical proposal that provided for more units, structured parking, less impervious surface, and a walkable community. Mr. Strom approached the project with a unique vision, including adaptive reuse of the existing signature building on the property, the Baity House. Mr. Strom secured the contract for the project by assembling an all-local development team that had prior experience working with UNC.


  • In 2005, the $45 million development, comprised of 398 apartments with nearly 600,000 SF over 9 buildings, was completed, under budget and ahead of schedule.
  • The repurposed Baity House has become the leasing office and community center, and the apartments have become a desirable community with a waiting list.
  • Most importantly, the university received the benefit of a housing option that was 25-30% less expensive than off-campus apartments.
  • The success and creativity of the design team led to the project receiving two local awards for Best Development Team.