It's about time we stopped calling hip, up-and-coming areas "the Brooklyn of blank,right? Not just because few people outside of New York can relate, but because when it comes to the stages of gentrification and being the next cool place to live, Brooklyn has pretty much run its course. Have you tried living in Brooklyn lately? “Cheap” and “under-the-radar” it is not.

For the cash-strapped among us who are looking to make a change, there are still some actually fun small towns in this country, and some truly cheap, underappreciated cities you should consider moving to. Or maybe you’re just looking for the next mildly affordable neighborhood that has something to offer young creatives -- that is, cool kids like you.

We tapped trendsetters, developers, and real-estate professionals -- folks with their fingers on the pulse of America's cities and towns -- for their predictions of the country's next hotspots. From South Beach (not the one you’re thinking) to the North Shore (also not the one you’re thinking), here are the neighborhoods to keep an eye on.

1. Mills 50, Orlando, FL

2. Southwest, Washington, DC

3. W Nashville, Nashville, TN

4. South Beach, San Francisco, CA

5. North Shore, Chattanooga, TN

6. Little Haiti, Miami, FL

7. Downtown East, Minneapolis, MN

8. Warehouse District, Raleigh, NC

9. Downtown Bellevue, Bellevue, WA

10. W Greenville, Greenville, SC

11. East 11th St, Austin, TX

12. Warehouse District, Phoenix, AZ

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Source: Thrillist